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From Albert Vila Puig <>
Subject Lucene delete feature
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:03:15 GMT
Hi all,

    I`ve got a question about the delete feature. I have a very large 
collection of XML documents, each document contains a classification, 
and one document can be in different classfications, there is no tree 
structure in the classfications (all the classifications are in the same 
level),  for example:
       Doc 1 -> classification1
       Doc 2 -> classification1 classification2 classification 3
       Doc 3 -> classification 3
       Doc 4 -> no classification

    Then, with that structure I can perform queries like 'testing && 
classification:1' or 'testing && (classification:1 || 
classification:2)', etc.

    Now,  I need the feature to remove one classification from one 
document. I know I can delete de document and add it again, but I cannot 
do that because I'm adding the documents sorted by date, so, if i do 
that i will lose the sorting.

    Anybody has implemented a similar feature. I don't want do delete a 
document, only want to upgrade a document field (just delete the 
classification x from the document's classification field). Is viable to 
do that?, Is it possible?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Another question about the sorting by date technique is what happen 
when I merge different indexs?, for example i`ve got a large index 
sorted by date (or by docID), then every day I add the new documents in 
another index (by performance), and every week I merge the weekly index 
with the large one. After the mergin process, I want to mantain the 
documents sorted. Is lucene doing that by default?



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