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From Scott Ganyo <>
Subject Re: Multiple writers
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 12:56:53 GMT
Offhand, I would say that using 2 directories and merging them is 
exactly what you waht.  It really shouldn't be all that complicated and 
Lucene should handle the synchronization for you...


Dror Matalon wrote:

>Hi folks,
>We're in the process of adding search to our online RSS aggregator. You
>can see it in action at
>Currently we have more than five million items in the systems and it's
>growing at the rate of more than 100,00 a day.  So we need to take into
>account is that the index is constantly growing.
>One of the things we want to build into the system is the ability to
>rebuild the index on the fly while still inserting the items that are
>coming in. 
>We've looked at having things go into different directories and then
>merge them, but it seems complicated and we'd need to worry about race
>conditions and locking issues.
>Anyone's done this before? Any suggestions?

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