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From Caroline Jen <>
Subject Rephrase My Question - How To Search Database With More Than One Pair of Property/Value as Parameters Using Lucene?
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 02:52:48 GMT
I raised the question two days ago.  My question was
too specific to the application that I have been
working on. I have decided to re-phrase my question.  

     People say that Lucene is very flexible.  I
wonder if there is a method signature that would be
suitable to my needs.  Or there are way to go about

     I am using lucene as the searching enging to look
for articles that are stores in the database.
It is OKay to search articles in the database using
"only one" pair of property/value as parameters in a
method; for example:


*********author************Victor Hugo or .....
*********title*************Les Miserables or .....
********content***************whatever .....

visitors of the web site queries all articles in the
database by selecting 'author' as the property and
supply the name of the author (xyz) as value.

I am stuck because I need to pass additonal parameters
rather than using one pair of property/value as
parameters -- I have this field "category" in my
database. I want to search and get all the articles
written by author(property) with name xyz (value)
within; say, the HISTORY category. The value of the
category will be supplied by the application developer
(NOT BY THE VISITOR of the web site via selecting from
a drop-down list and fill out the value in the text

Is there a method signature available in Lucene to
pass additional parameter as necessary? If not, how
does Lucene handle this kind of situation.  Thanks in

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