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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: FSDIrectory.create doesn't tolerate subdirectories
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 23:47:07 GMT

On Sunday, December 7, 2003, at 06:17  PM, Esmond Pitt wrote:
> When creating an index, FSDirectory assumes that the directory has no
> subdirectories. If a non-empty subdirectory is present, 
> FSDirectory.create
> fails to delete it and throws an IOException. As the subdirectory is 
> not a
> Lucene index file (although in my case it is a Lucene sub-index), the 
> method
> actually has no business attempting to delete it at all. Can this 
> behaviour
> please be changed so that it doesn't attempt to delete subdirectories 
> in an
> index location at all?

This seems like an almost reasonable request, and easy enough to 
implement in FSDirectory.create.  Lucene has no business deleting other 
files in that directory that it doesn't use either, although that would 
be a bit more difficult to implement I think.

But really, it seems that users of Lucene should view the index 
directory as a black box and think of it as a single entity that Lucene 
manages by itself.  Why do you need to put things into that directory?  
If you want to create multiple indexes, then I'd recommend you create a 
parent directory to hold them in which the outside world to your 
application should view as a single entity that should not be touched 

This is why the terminology in Lucene is FS*Directory* - let Lucene own 
it I say.


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