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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Zero hits for queries ending with a number
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 21:48:26 GMT
On Apr 2, 2004, at 10:00 AM, wrote:
> On Saturday 13 March 2004 11:06, Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
>> Field.Keyword is suitable for storing data like Url.  Give that a try.
> I just tried this a minute ago and found that I cannot use wildcards 
> with
> Keywords:*

You *can* use wildcards with keywords (in fact, a keyword really has no 
meaning once indexed - everything is a "term" at that point).

99% of the issues people have with things like this end up being 
Analyzer/QueryParser related.

A few quick pieces of advice:

  - use Luke to see what is inside your index and understand what it 
looks like from the inside.
  - create a utility (I've posted one on the list in the past) that 
shows what your analyzer is doing graphically.
  - use Query.toString to output what QueryParser did to your query 

Armed with the above bits of trivia, you have the information to 
troubleshoot the situation first-hand.


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