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From James Dunn <>
Subject Re: Question about remote searching
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 17:16:07 GMT
You could wrap your RemoteSearchable in a
MultiSearcher and then search against that to get your
Hits object:

/Get a handle on the remote searchable
Searchable remoteSearchable = (Searchable)

//Create an array of searchables, for use with
Searchable[] searchables = new Searchable[1];
searchables[0] = remoteSearchable;

//Create the searcher
MultiSearcher searcher = new

//Build query
Query q = .....;

Hits hits =;

--- Cocula Remi <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to do remote searching via RMI.
> In a first step I wrote my own remote search method
> that should return results as an object of type
> Hits.
> But it does not work as the Hit class is not
> Serializable.
> Then I took a look at the RemoteSearchable class and
> realized that it implements search using the low
> level API (ie:  public void search(Query query,
> Filter filter, HitCollector results)).
> Elsewhere in Lucene source code I read that using
> the high level API (those how deals with Hits) is
> much more efficient.
> Question : would it be possible to make the Hit
> class Serializable so it could be used through RMI
> mechanisms ?

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