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Subject Re: TermFreqVector Beginner Question
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 07:43:58 GMT
Sorry for being a little late on this issue.

1.) Setting storeTermVertor to true does nothing if store is false, i.e. 
   you must store the contents of a filed in order to retrieve TermVectors 
   for it later.  

   I also think it would be helpful to prevent the user from combinations 
   of store and storeTermVector that don't make sense, namely store = false 
   and storeTermVector = true.  Maybe an exception or something.

2.) The following methods...

   Field.Text(String name, Reader value, boolean storeTermVector) 
   Field.UnStored(String name, String value, boolean storeTermVector) 

   DO NOT store the contents of the field and (based on my assumption in 
   point 1 and through observation) consequently DO NOT store TermVectors
   despite the value of their storeTermVector value.  If this is accurate,
   why do these methods exist?  This is very misleading to the new user.

Mhh, for me it works quite well to call
   Field.UnStored(String name, String value, true) 

and I do get TermVectors I may access. Under which circumstances did you
observe the behaviour stated above?

Best regards,

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