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From Bill Janssen <>
Subject telling one version of the index from another?
Date Sat, 04 Sep 2004 20:05:28 GMT

I've got a Lucene application that's been in use for about two years.
Some users are using Lucene 1.2, some 1.3, and some are moving to 1.4.
The indices seem to behave differently under each version.  I'd like
to add code to my application that checks the current user's index
version against the version of Lucene that they are using, and
automatically re-indexes their files if necessary.  However, I can't
figure out how to tell the version, from the index files.

The documentation on the file formats, at, directs me to
the "segments" file.  However, when I look at a version 1.3 segments
file, it seems to bear little relationship to the format described in
fileformats.html.  But the part of fileformats.html dealing with the
segments file contains no "compatibility notes", so I assume it hasn't
changed since 1.3.  Even if it had, what's the idea of using -1 as the
format number for 1.4?

So, anyone know a way to tell the difference between the various
versions of the index files?  Crufty hacks welcome :-).


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