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From "Bastian Grimm [Eastbeam GmbH]">
Subject Re: problem with get/setBoost of document fields
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:22:07 GMT
thanks doug,

that works... but i have to do this setNorm() for each document, which 
has been indexed up to now, right? there are round about 1 mio. docs in 
the index... i dont think it's a good idea to perform a search and do it 
for every doc (and every field of the doc...).
is there any possibility to do something like: setNorm(alldocs, 
"fieldX", 2.0f) - a global boost for a named field for every doc.

a last question: lucene creates some .f[1-9]  after setNorm() has 
finished. does this file remain all the time in this folder? i tried to 
optimize and so one but nothing happend.

after having finished this setNorm() for the fields of the doc, i have 
to change my statement to create docs with the new boost, but setNorm 
and setBoost - those values do are not the same...
sorry, a lot of questions, but i dont want the index to get crashed.

thanks for your time.


You can change field boosts without re-indexing.,%20java.lang.String,%20byte)


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