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From Bo Gundersen>
Subject Re: re-indexing
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 05:04:54 GMT
Jason wrote:
> I am having touble reindexing.
> Basically what I want to do is:
> 1. Delete the old index
> 2. Write the new index.
> The enviroment:
> The index is search by a web app running from the Orion App Server. This
> code runs fin and reindexes fine prior to any searches.  After the first
> search against the index is completed the index ends up beiong read-only
> ( or not writeable), I cannot reindex and subsequently cannot search
> because the index is incomplete.

We have several apps running like this only on Tomcat and JBoss with no 

> 1. Why doesn't IndexReader.delete(i) really delete the file. it seems to
> just make anothe 1K file with a .del extension the IndexWriter still
> cannot content with?

Never tried the IndexReader.delete() method, we generally build the new 
index in a temporary directory and when the index is done we delete the 
current online directory (using methods) and then rename 
the temp directory to online.

> 2. How can I make this work?

This may be just be silly, but do you remember to close your when you are done with your search?

Bo Gundersen
DBA/Software Developer

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