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Subject RE: Highlighting PDF file after the search
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 17:03:50 GMT
You are right, i tried this morning and when i try to stream the
higlighter output as pdf, acrobat was not able to read or open it!!
Which project do you recommend that would do pdf highlighting?

Vijay Balasubramanian
DPRA Inc.,

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> From:

> I can successfully index and search the PDF documents,
> however i am not able to highlight the searched text in my
> original PDF file (ie: like dtSearch highlights on original file)
> I took a look at the highlighter in sandbox, compiled it and
> have it ready.  I am wondering if this highlighter is for
> highlighting indexed documents or can it be used for PDF
> Files as is !  Please enlighten !

The highlighter code in sandbox can facilitate highlighting of text
*extracted* from the PDF, however it does nothing for you to highlight
search terms *inside* of the PDF. For that you will need some sort of
that can modify the PDF on the fly as the user views it. I know of no
and dirty tool that allows you to do this, though there is quite a few
projects and products which allow you to manipulate PDF files which
can be used to obtain the behavior you are looking for (with some effort
your part).


Bruce Ritchie

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