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From Christian Rodriguez <>
Subject Problems with Lucene + BDB (Berkeley DB) integration
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:36:51 GMT
Hi everyone, 

I am trying to use the Lucene + BDB integration from the sandbox
I installed C Berkeley DB 4.2.52 and I have the Lucene jar file.

I have an example program that indexes 4 small text files in a
directory (its very similar to the in the Lucene demo,
except that it uses BDB + Lucene). The problem I have is that
executing the indexing program generates different results each time I
run it. For example: If I start with an empty index, run the indexing
program and then query the index I get the correct results; then I
delete the index to start from scratch again, and perform the same
sequence and I get no results. (?)

What puzzles me is the non-deterministic results... the same execution
sequence generates two different results. I then wrote a program to
dump the index and I found out that the list of files that end up in
the index is different every time I index those 4 files.

For example:
1st run: contents of directory: _4.f2, _4.f3, _4.cfs, _4.fdx, _4.fnm,
_4.frq, _4.prx, _4.tii, segments, deletable. (9 files)
2nd run: contents of directory: 0:_4.f1, _4.cfs, _4.fdt, _4.fdx,
_4.fnm, _4.frq, _4.prx, _4.tii, _4.tis, segments, deletable. (11

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?
Has anyone been able to use the BDB + Lucene integration with no problems?

Id appreciate any help or pointers.

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