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From Erik Hatcher <>
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 12:40:01 GMT

On Dec 1, 2004, at 7:37 AM, Karthik N S wrote:
>   We create a ArrayList Object and Load all the Hit Values into them 
> and
> return
>   the same for Display purpose on a Servlet. On the servlet we track 
> the
> server side created ArrayList
>   for Required number of dispalys.
>  [ At any time we have to have all the hit values loaded into the 
> arryList
> ,cannot compromise for the same ]

Be forewarned - you are asking for trouble doing this if you have 
enormous number of hits.  I highly recommend you reconsider your 

Sure, separation of concerns/tiers is a nice ideal, but pragmatically 
don't let blind adherence to "principles" get in the way of 

>   We Obsorved that the doc.get("") was not continous for an hit of 
> 4000 and
> was coming
>   in batches,

I'm not following what you mean.  Not continuous?  Batches?  Now is the 
time for you to show some code of what you're doing.  Succinct, clear, 
examples are best.


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