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From "" <>
Subject Is this a bug or a feature with addIndexes?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 01:01:38 GMT

Ok, so maybe this is common knowledge to most of you but I'm a lamen 
when it comes to Lucene and
I couldnt find any details about this after some searching.

When you merge two indexes via addIndexes, does it only work in batches 
(10 or more documents)?

Because I've been banging my head off the wall wondering why my code 
does not want to index 1 (one) document and
then I went to run Otis's MemoryVsDisk class from
but I didnt use 10,000 documents as suggested, I used 5 and 15 instead.
And what do you know, less than 10 it doesnt merge at all while more 
than 10 it will merge only first 10 documents and
"gently" forget about the other 5.

My project requires me to index/update one single document as required 
and make it immediately available for searching.

How do I accomplish this if index merging will not merge less than 10 
and in increments of 10, and single indexing doesnt
seem to do it at all (please see my other post



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