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From "Nestel, Frank IZ/HZA-IOL" <>
Subject API suggestion
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:09:19 GMT

I'm currently investigating improving the Highlighter currently
supplied in the lucene sandbox. Especially we'd like to parse 
more different styles of Querys. Most important WildcardQuery.

As it turns out, this shouldn't be too difficult, but the problem is
that the API MultiTermQuery.getEnum() is protected. So to actually
analyze what is going on in the stomach of a MultiTermQuery (e.g.
a WildcardQuery) we had to rebuild what is done within that class.
With all the risks code duplications usually have.

I don't see why this API simply isn't public. While its obviously
"expert" and not for anyones daily use, it would be rather a
feature than a bug to have that public.

This is so easy, that it could be easily done with Lucene 1.4.4.


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