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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Problem with indexing/merging indices - documents not indexed.
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 23:09:30 GMT
: I would appreciate any feedback on my code and whether I'm doing
: something in a wrong way, because I'm at a total loss right now
: as to why documents are not being indexed at all.

I didn't try running your code (because i don't have a DB to test it with)
but a quick read gives me a good guess as to your problem:

I believe you to call...
...before you call...
	fsWriter.addIndexes(new Directory[] { ramDir });

(I've never played with merging indexes, so i could be completley wrong)

Everything I've ever read/seen/tried has indicated that untill you "close"
your IndexWritter, nothing you do will be visible to anybody else who
opens that "Directory"

I'm also guessing that when you were trying to add the docs to fsWriter
directly, you were using an IndexReader you had opened prior to calling
fsWriter.close() to check the number of docs ... that won't work for hte
same reason.


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