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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Problems...
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:48:06 GMT

To start with, there has to be more to the "search" side of things then
what you included.  this search function is not static, which means it's
getting called on an object, which obviously has some internal state
(paramOffset, hits, and pathToIndex are a few that jump out at me)  what
are the values of those variables when this method gets called?

second, there are at least two places in your code where potential
exceptions get thrown away and execution continues.  as a matter of good
practice, you should add logging to these spots to make sure you aren't
ignoring errors...

third, you said " I'm not getting anything in the log that I can point to
that says what is not working," but what about what is/isn't in the log?
there are several System.out.println calls in this code ... I'm assuming
you're logging STDOUT, what do those messages (with variables) say?
what is the value of currentOffset on the initial search? what does the
query.toString look like? how many total hits are being found when the
search is executed?  (or is that line not getting logged because the
search is getting skipped becuase of some initial state in paramOffset?)


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