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From aurora <>
Subject Hits and HitCollector performance
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 16:35:24 GMT
I am trying to do some filtering and rearrangement of search result. Two  
possiblity come into mind are iterating though the Hits or making custom  

All documentation invaribly warn about the performance impact of using  
HitCollector with large result set. The scenario that google return 10s of  
millions of documents comes into mind. But I'm thinking, wouldn't Hits  
also have to fill up an array with millions of integer id at least? Or  
does it only return the correct lenght but build the result array on  

Another idea I have is first gone through the first n hits, let say 1000,  
which I filter and rearrange. If user ever need the result pass 1000 the  
get the result from Hits.

Is there any recommended way in these situations?

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