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From Miles Barr <>
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 09:23:15 GMT
On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 12:02 +0530, Karthik N S wrote:
>  U got it bingo,Am trying to do something similar as u replied.
>  But there is a glitch in the  process
>  If the search is done on the 'leaf_category'  as u said
>  with word such as  'CAMERA DIGITAL'  instead of  'DIGITAL CAMERA'  the
> resultant
>  return hits will be  ZERO '0'. Usage of SpanQuery  for such conditions
> applied should return still
>  the 1st document of 3.
>  A permutation combination of words entered should result in the specific
> document being returned.

If depends what the type of leaf_category is. If you made it Keyword as
I suggested then it won't be tokenized. i.e. there's one token 'DIGITAL
CAMERA' instead of the two tokens you normally get, 'digital' and

If you change the field type to Text you should be able to use a
SpanNearQuery to do your search.

Miles Barr <>
Runtime Collective Ltd.

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