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From Yura Smolsky <>
Subject Re[2]: Is IndexSearcher thread safe?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 13:37:47 GMT
Hello, Volodymyr.

VB> Additional question.
VB> If I'm sharing one instance of IndexSearcher between different threads
VB> Is it good to just to drop this instance to GC.
VB> Because I don't know if some thread is still using this searcher or done
VB> with it.

It is safe to share one instance between many threads and it should be
safe to drop old object to GC.

But I have discovered one strange fact. When you have indexSearcher on
big index, so IndexSearcher object takes a lot of memory (900Mb) and
when you create new IndexSearcher after deletion of all references to
old IndexSearcher then memory consumed my old IndexSearcher will not be
ever freed.
What can community answer on this strange fact?

Yura Smolsky.

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