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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: lucene question, examples
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 22:40:41 GMT

It sounds like you are using a little demo application that comes with
Lucene.  This is really just a demo that shows how you can use Lucene. 
Lucene in a toolkit for building search applications, so you would
really want to develop something of your own around Lucene.  Sure, you
can use a demo, but that little demo is not perfect.  Since v 1.2 there
have been some changes in the demo area, so you could try grabbing the
latest version of Lucene and trying its demo (same application, it's
just that it may be a bit better).  If that fails, you can try the file
indexing framework from Lucene in Action (c.f. ) - source code is freely available.

If by shtml you mean HTML with server-side includes, then note that you
will not be able to do this with Lucene alone, as server-side includes
are not static.


--- Brian Cuttler <> wrote:

> I've sorry if this is the wrong forum, I was trying for lucene-user
> and been unable to subscribe (but seem to see lucene items here).
> We have been runing apache on our internal sites for a while, with
> tomcat and lucene. Plugged in the demo index build and search 
> features... and for a long time life has been good.
> Now we are looking to implement apache on our external site with
> tomcat and lucene.
> System is Solaris 9
> Apache/1.3.29 (Unix) ApacheJserv/1.1.2 mod_perl/1.25 configured
> Apache, with Tomcat included, from Solaris freeware site.
> I didn't see Lucene on the Sun FW site so just replicated the
> installation
> from the internal to the (future) external website.
> Lucene is currently v 1.2 (at least that is the version number of the
> demo package).
> The index we are building (org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML) seems to
> capture the tags from the "ALT" text, where really we need it to pick
> up not image texts but content and keyword fields, or perhaps even
> plain
> text that is outside of the ALT tags.
> We also suspect that we are not picking up all documents, ie, not
> both
> html, htm. We'd like to extend the range of documents we index, soon
> to include shtml unless I'm mistaken.
> I strongly suspect that newer demos might already do this, or that
> with
> some basic instruction I could modify the document extentions if not
> the
> (I suspect rather complex) target strings.
> Unfortunately while the implement demo docs are great, I've so far
> not
> found (or simply not understood) the docs that might give the options
> we are hoping to implement.
> 						Thank you in advance,
> 						Brian
> ---
>    Brian R Cuttler       
>    Computer Systems Support        (v) 518 486-1697
>    Wadsworth Center                (f) 518 473-6384
>    NYS Department of Health        Help Desk 518 473-0773
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