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From Yura Smolsky <>
Subject Re[4]: exact match
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 11:39:24 GMT
Hello, Erik.

I have very large index (200Gb) with big amount of documents.
I have field "author", which stores name and this fields is tokenized,
indexed, stored.

This field contains values of following examples:
"John Doe"
"Bill Gates"

I do not want to reindex all documents again. and I want to search by
this fields with exactly search. Like if I search "John" then it will
return documents with fields "author" containing phrase "John" only
and not "John Doe". Now it returns all combinations with word John and
I just want to have documents with the word "John" only.

Solution might not simple, but I can manage that. I cannot manage
reindexing all documents again. :)

Does it clear to you?

EH> On Apr 5, 2005, at 5:44 AM, Yura Smolsky wrote:
>> EH> On Apr 4, 2005, at 4:34 PM, Yura Smolsky wrote:
>>>> Hello, java-user.
>>>> I have documents with tokenized, indexes and stored field. This field
>>>> contain one-two words usually. I need to be able to search exact
>>>> matches for two words.
>>>> For example search "John" should return documents with field
>>>> containing "John" only, not "John Doe" or "John Foo".
>>>> Any ideas?
>> EH> Use an untokenized field to search on in the case of finding an
>> exact
>> EH> match.
>> And no other ways to reach this?

EH> Not that I know of.  Could you give us a more concrete example of what
EH> you're trying to achieve?

EH>         Erik

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Yura Smolsky.

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