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From Morus Walter <>
Subject Re: Analyzer don't work with wildcard queries, snowball analyzer.
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 06:25:04 GMT
Ernesto De Santis writes:
> Hi Erik
> Ok, in PrefixQuery cases, non analyze is right.
It creates the same problems.
'example*' should find 'example' but does not if 'example' is stemmed
to 'exampl' and you don't analyze the prefix query.

> You search "example" and obtain x results.
> You search "ex?mple" and don't obtain any result.
> This is correct for you?
> It is difficult to analyze wildcard queries in lucene code?
This has nothing to do with lucene code.
If you can write such an analyzer, do so. Erik already showed you, how
to integrate it with QP. If you're successful share the code.
It looks easy for 'ex?ample' but how would you analyze 'exampl?s'?
Assuming 'examples' get's stemmed to 'exampl' you would have to guess,
that ? might expand to 'e' and 'exampl?s' should be analyzed to 'exampl'
and 'exampl?s' (and probably 'exampl?'). Or 'exa*s'?

IMO you have to either avoid stemming or wildcards or live with the 
different handling.


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