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From Daniel Herlitz <>
Subject Search performance under high load
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 21:10:52 GMT
Hi everybody,

We have been using Lucene for about one year now with great success. 
Recently though the index has growed noticably and so has the number of 
searches. I was wondering if anyone would like to comment on these 
figures and say if it works for them?

Index size: ~2.5 GB, on disk
Number of fields: ~30
Number of indexed fields: ~10
Server: Linux, Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.00GHz, 3GB, dedicated to Lucene 
Java: Sun 1.5, -Xmx1200m
Load: Approaching 2000 requests / hour.
Queries: The query strings are of highly differing complexity, from 
simple x:y to long queries involving conjunctions, disjunctions and 
wildecard queries.

90% of the queries run brilliantly. Problem is that 10% of the queries 
(simple or not) take a long time, on average more that 10 seconds, 
sometimes several minutes.

We have managed to track down these figures to the calls to We have seen up to about 10 searches 
concurrently executing.

We have tried to run the server on different machines and with different 
version of Java. We have no OutOfMemorys.

I am curious about what to expect from Lucene when it comes to 
searching. There are lots of figures about the indexing speed (no 
question about that, it's incredibly fast!). But what about searching? 
And searching with the kind of load we have. Anyone in the same 
situation as we are? Comments? Suggestions?


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