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From Terence Lai <>
Subject Question on the Sandbox Highlighter
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 20:58:51 GMT

I am currently using Lucene 1.4.2 with the highighter downloaded from Lucene In Action.

The Highlighter class provides the following method to highlight the terms specified in the

 * Highlights chosen terms in a text, extracting the most relevant section.
 * The document text is analysed in chunks to record hit statistics
 * across the document. After accumulating stats, the fragment with the highest score
 * is returned
 * @param tokenStream   a stream of tokens identified in the text parameter, including offset
 * This is typically produced by an analyzer re-parsing a document's 
 * text. Some work may be done on retrieving TokenStreams more efficently 
 * by adding support for storing original text position data in the Lucene
 * index but this support is not currently available (as of Lucene 1.4 rc2).  
 * @param text text to highlight terms in
 * @return highlighted text fragment or null if no terms found
public final String getBestFragment(TokenStream tokenStream, String text)
       throws IOException;

According to the javadoc, this method only returns the most relevant section of the text.
Is there any way or method to return ENTIRED text with the terms being highlighted?


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