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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Most Useful Lucene Taglib?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 09:54:18 GMT

On Jul 4, 2005, at 9:45 PM, Chris Fellows wrote:
> Perhaps it may be an overkill of a taglib, but my familiarity with  
> Lucene dates to only this weekend. On the other hand there has been  
> a sustained trend to move away from scriptlets.

By no means was I suggesting scriptlets, though pragmatically there  
is nothing wrong with view-tier scriptlets in JSP pages.  There is  
something wrong with JSP in general :)  (it would be off-topic to  

Being new to Lucene is even the more reason to use Lucene's  
straightforward and simple API directly rather than start with what  
is probably taglib of mediocre quality.

I presume you have some sort of MVC architecture in your system?  If  
so, the controller would receive a query from the client, perform the  
search, and push the results to be displayed to the JSP (perhaps as  
Hits or a subset of the documents as a Document[]).  Paging controls  
for displaying Hits could simply be hyperlinks back to the search  
with an additional page parameter that the controller will use to set  
the starting point for that page.  There isn't much more needed that  
that, is there?

> IS there a strong web client user base of Lucene?

Of course. for example, which uses  
Tapestry for the searching and results page.


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