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From Jeff Davis <>
Subject Most efficient "all documents" query?
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 15:04:55 GMT
I am using Lucene to index system and application log files.  When a
user first goes to the Log Viewer, I want them to see all log
messages.  From there, they can choose to search for something more

Since the "all" query will be by far the most frequently used one, I'd
like to make it as efficient as possible.  Right now I'm using a
default query that I know will match all messages in all logs, sort of
like this:

LogType:(type1 type2 type3)

...where each log message (Document) has a Field called "LogType",
whose value is one of those three types.  I'm running it through the
query parser at present; if I end up sticking with this method I'll
just build a BooleanQuery with a clause for each log type to avoid the
parsing overhead.

Other than the BooleanQuery, is there a more efficient way of asking
for all Documents?


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