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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Books about Lucene?
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 20:29:37 GMT
It's absolutely permissible.  Lucene is licensed with the Apache  
Software License, which is quite liberal with what you can do with  
the code.

If the demand for a 1.2-compatible version of Lucene is enough that  
there some folks willing to develop it and maintain it, I would be  
happy to have it within Lucene's own codebase.  I think keeping as  
much of the code that can be identical as possible is important, and  
if it can be demonstrated that switching Lucene's trunk codebase in  
parts to be 1.2 compatible is not detrimental to performance or  
resource usage of Lucene then we'd strongly consider making those  


On Aug 26, 2005, at 3:12 PM, jian chen wrote:

> Hi, Erik,
> I some time ago played with the Lucene 1.2 source code and made some
> modifications to it, trying to add my own ranking algorithm. I am  
> not sure
> if Licence wise, it is permissible to modify the earlier source  
> code, also
> if it is allowed to put the modified version or the description of  
> what I
> have done on wiki?
> Thanks for your reply.
> Jian
> On 8/26/05, Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
>> I appreciate the vote of confidence on this, but I am not afraid to
>> admit that I do not consider myself an expert on the deep innards of
>> Lucene. I understand the concepts, and a bit of the internals, but I
>> certainly do not live up to the hype you just bestowed upon me.  
>> *blush*
>> Regarding JDK 1.2 - I came to Java at 1.3, and have never used a JDK
>> earlier than that. All the apps I build now are currently on JDK 1.5
>> (err... 5.0). I do not currently know what would be involved in
>> running Lucene on a 1.2 VM. The first question to ask is whether an
>> earlier version of Lucene is sufficient for the needs of those
>> constrained to JDK 1.2. If not, then we move forward to defining
>> what needs to be changed - a simple compilation of the trunk source
>> code with a 1.2 VM would give away most of the details.
>> As with open source in general, it is about scratching our own
>> itches. If you're using Lucene (or need to use Lucene) in a 1.2 VM,
>> that is your itch to scratch and I would happily support your efforts
>> in some way in documenting this (either on the wiki or embedded in
>> Lucene's own built-in documentation) or in providing an alternative
>> version of Lucene that is suitable for 1.2 (perhaps by having
>> alternative code in a separate directory within our code
>> repository). If you create such documentation, perhaps you'd be
>> willing to donate it with full attribution to the 2nd edition of
>> LIA. But please don't wait for me to do it, as it really is not
>> something I need personally for any project - all my projects are at
>> JDK 1.5 currently.
>> Erik

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