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From Axel <>
Subject Indexing source files
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 19:20:39 GMT

I'm quite new to lucene, and I'm looking for information, how I can
start implementing a search engine for code completion, phpdoc
hovering etc.
Currently I'm using an approach similar to ctags:,
which isn't very fast in the startup time for large projects.
For the PHP scripting language I've already created a parser which
extracts something like
function-, class-, methodnames, phpdoc sections... for a given file.
I've also created a reduced binary AST of the php file, which I would
like to store with the lucene document.

What's the best way to store all these informations in an lucene search index?
Something like:
Field.Text("content", <string of all parsed identifiers>);

or is it better to write something like this for every identifier::

Is it possible to store the complete AST (in an serializable format)
in the document or should the extra information be stored for every
(function-)identifier (like for example number of arguments, source
start, source end, javadoc start, javadoc end,...)

Did someone already implemented something similar?
Is Lucene the right tool for such a task?

Axel Kramer - PHP Eclipse Plugin

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