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From Chris Fraschetti <>
Subject post-normalization score filter
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 23:49:12 GMT
I've seen a few posts which reference using a HitCollector to help
filter the returned document's scores.. but are there any
implementations out there that perform this filter of results by score
after they've already been normalized, short of walking the hits
array.... If i was to walk hits until i reach my threshold, just
checking the hits.score() ... what am I looking performance wise, are
the scores all calculated at this point and I'm simply accessing them
or are they normalized on the fly?

Obviously I can trim my results a bit for results that score a million
documents only allow the first few thousand as results, but even in
the case of where I might get two thousand results, the lower end
results have such minimal scores in comparison to the earlier that it
seems unintuitive for them to be accessible.

thanks as always!

Chris Fraschetti

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