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From Sean O'Connor <>
Subject Lucene contrib (surround), Subversion, and Eclipse
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2005 22:18:28 GMT
    I am new to subversion, junit and the Lucene contrib repository. I 
am looking over the 'surround' project at the moment. If there is anyone 
out there with Eclipse experience who uses the contrib subversion (or 
cvs) repository could you look over my approach listed below?

I am using Eclipse (3.1.1) and have the Subclipse plugin.
I have connected to the repository at:
(no username or password)

I then navigate to
and I see the 'surround' project.

I checked out
    'surround/java' into a java project named 'surround-java'
    'surround/test' into java project named 'surround-test'

I checked out  the Lucene source code into a java project named 'Lucene 
Source' (could have simply used a recent Lucene jar file I _think_)

I added the "Lucene Source" project as a required project for 
'surround-java' to resolve dependencies.

I added the "Lucene Source" project as a required project for 
'surround-test' to resolve dependencies.
I added junit.jar as an external library 'surround-test' to resolve 

This seemed to build clean, and I then ran a junit test (e.g. via 'Run as...' 'Junit Test' (Alt-Shift-X, T)

Everything (23/23) passed, so I think I have my environment set correctly.

Is there a more direct way to this? I assume the ant build.xml file 
would solve some of these issues, especially if I wanted to build 
several/all of the contrib projects. I was getting some errors with the 
build scripts, almost certainly due to my ignorance regarding ant build 

I would be happy to post a revision of these steps if someone else might 
benefit from this information. I assume though that anyone (else) 
wanting to play with Lucene development code would already be familiar 
with these steps, so it's probably not an issue.


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