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From Chris Lamprecht <>
Subject Re: IO bandwidth throttling
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 21:00:10 GMT
Hi Ben,

Yes -- I would prefer to let the OS handle his, especially if it can
save me some coding.  Is there is a way (under linux) to limit a
certain process's disk utilization?  It seems like nice(1) just
modifies the scheduling priority, I'm assuming this means CPU
scheduling.  In my case, I'm trying to prevent a cron task that
updates the lucene search index from consuming the disk, causing the
search to slow down.


On 9/1/05, Ben Gollmer <> wrote:
> Chris Lamprecht wrote:
> > I've wanted something similar, for the same purpose -- to keep lucene
> > from consuming disk I/O resources when another process is running on
> > the same machine.
> Sorry for jumping in (I'm a Lucene newb) but isn't this better handled
> by the OS? On a Unix box I would just renice the process or set some
> ulimits. Adding code to each application that might possibly need
> bandwidth or memory restrictions seems redundant, not to mention a chore :)
> Cheers,
> --
> Ben

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