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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Multiple Language Indexing and Searching
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 17:46:08 GMT

: I don't know if the developpers of lucene would agree, but from what
: I've been browsing on the ML archives, those multiple language issues
: seems to arrise quite often in the mailing list, and maybe some articles
: like "best practices", "do's and don'ts" or "Lucene Architecture in
: multiple language environement",  might be really nice to see :) If some
: of you have the time and the experience to write them I'll be really
: thankful! :)

There is already a document in the HowTo section of the wiki called
"IndexingOtherLanguages"  if the topic of Multiple Languages interests
you, and if you've allready familiarized yourself with some of hte
suggestions from this thread (and other threads you've researched from the
archives) then perhaps you could compile a list in the wiki yourself?

Don't worry about making a master document that describes a single perfect
soluation -- or even describing a solution that you know will work, if
nothing else just compiling a collection of ideas people have suggested
into a single document will be helpful.  Over time, other people can/will
revise it based on which ideas work well and which ideas don't.

You don't have to have time and experience to write documentation -- time
is good enough to start with, experience can come along later :)


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