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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Folksonomies
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 20:25:38 GMT
Hi Dan,

You are describing Simpy :) -

If you look at Simpy's blog at ,
will see I started a little series of posts about the analysis of
tagging and bookmarking in Simpy.  If I find time, I'll post the next
part of the series tonight.  Future analysis I plan on doing will
include doing POS analysis of tags, and if you would like to see other
types of analysis, please feel free to email/comment on the blog.


--- Dan Funk <> wrote:

> I've been reading about Folksonomies (
>, and I would like to
> incorporate
> them into a project I'm developing with Lucene.
> The concept is pretty simple, a targeted community of users add
> labels of
> their choosing (just off the top of their head, not from a list) to
> documents (or sections of documents) as a way of bookmarking them for
> later
> reference. I'll most likely keep the information in a derby database
> to
> begin with, and use it as personalization feature. It's not my idea,
> I think
> it originated with <>.
> In the long run however, all those labels should be pretty cool to
> play
> around with - it would be extremely interesting to write tools for
> analyzing
> what labels ended up where, which occur really often, etc ... and use
> this
> information to create a mutating browse feature. Identify oft-used
> terms and
> create categories, or possibly even hierarchies of topics.
> Is anyone out there incorporating folksonomies into their lucene
> indexes,
> and if so, how are you going about it, and is proving useful?

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