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From Olivier Jaquemet <>
Subject Renewing IndexSearcher on index change.
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 17:11:07 GMT
Hi all,

As I read it on LIA, and as it has already been said on the mailing list 
multiple times, you only need one IndexSearcher for all your thread, and 
when your index change, you just need to create a new one to reflect 

Otis said in this post you could replaced old searcher and let it being 
collected by the GC.

Note that my question is maybe more java related than anything else, 
but, anyway...
In the source code of IndexSearcher (and all searchers), I could not 
find any finalize method that closes the searcher, how can you be sure 
you old searcher is going to be closed? am I missing something? Is there 
still a step I need to do in order to close the searcher properly ? Do I 
need to create a facade to the searcher, keep my own reference of uses 
and call a close in a finalize method?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)


PS: Another small question while I'm there, if a long indexation of a 
lot Documents occurs, can the old searcher still be used for some time 
while the indexation takes place, without problems? Cause I encoutered 
an ArrayOutOfBoundException under some scorer class, unfortunately I did 
not kept the trace.

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