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From Olivier Jaquemet <>
Subject Re: Renewing IndexSearcher on index change.
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 16:08:04 GMT
Thank you very much Volodymyr!
Exactly the perfect answer I needed.
One last question: how do you manage brutal interruption of you program? 
Cause as far as I am concerned, if I don't use a finalize method in 
which I close opened searchers, if for some reason the jvm terminates, 
on next run of my program, lucene throws TimeOut exception when trying 
to open lock file, as it was not close properly.

Oh, by the way, because I'm sure every lucene developper once had the 
same kind of need, maybe it should figure in the distribution of Lucene...?

Volodymyr Bychkoviak wrote:

> Hi Olivier!
> In my code i'm using following IndexSearcher extention:
> public class IndexSearcherWrapper extends IndexSearcher {
>  private int referenceCount;
>  private final IndexReader indexReader;
>  public IndexSearcherWrapper(IndexReader indexReader) {
>    super(indexReader);
>    this.indexReader = indexReader;
>    this.referenceCount = 1;
>  }
>  public IndexSearcher getReference() {
>    referenceCount++;
>    return this;
>  }
>  public void close() throws IOException {
>    referenceCount--;
>    if (referenceCount <= 0) {
>      super.close();
>      indexReader.close();
>    }
>  }
> };
> in the code obtaining IndexSearcher I do call getReference() method 
> and use indexSearcher as usual (search & close);
> also referenceCount initially is set to 1 to prevent underlying 
> indexReader being closed after first call of close() method.
> when opening new IndexSearcher (after index change) I do call close() 
> method one more time ensuring this IndexSearcher will be closed as 
> soon as last thread closes this IndexSearcher.
> and about second question:
> while changing index all open IndexReaders(and IndexSearchers) don't 
> "see" changes until reopening.
> Olivier Jaquemet wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> As I read it on LIA, and as it has already been said on the mailing 
>> list multiple times, you only need one IndexSearcher for all your 
>> thread, and when your index change, you just need to create a new one 
>> to reflect changes.
>> Otis said in this post you could replaced old searcher and let it 
>> being collected by the GC.

>> Note that my question is maybe more java related than anything else, 
>> but, anyway...
>> In the source code of IndexSearcher (and all searchers), I could not 
>> find any finalize method that closes the searcher, how can you be 
>> sure you old searcher is going to be closed? am I missing something? 
>> Is there still a step I need to do in order to close the searcher 
>> properly ? Do I need to create a facade to the searcher, keep my own 
>> reference of uses and call a close in a finalize method?
>> Thanks in advance for your answers :)
>> Olivier
>> PS: Another small question while I'm there, if a long indexation of a 
>> lot Documents occurs, can the old searcher still be used for some 
>> time while the indexation takes place, without problems? Cause I 
>> encoutered an ArrayOutOfBoundException under some scorer class, 
>> unfortunately I did not kept the trace.
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Olivier Jaquemet <>
Ingénieur R&D Jalios S.A.

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