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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: IndexWriter.optimize() need to much time.
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 17:56:10 GMT
Eric Louvard wrote:
> my problem is that IndexWriter.optimize() take 20 minutes. OK it is not 
> a lot of time, but I can't allow me to block the system such a long time 
> :-(.

If you're worried about blocking, queue changes to the index and have a 
separate thread which processes the queue, adding and deleting 
documents.  If your index changes frequently then don't bother 
optimizing, rather simply use mergeFactor=2 to minimize the number of 
segments searched and a large minMergeDocs (~1000).  Optimizing is good 
for indexes which change only seldom.  Large mergeFactors are good for 
batch indexing, when optimization will be performed at the end, but 
create too many segments for efficient search.

So, best practices for fast indexing and search:

Increase minMergeDocs to proportional to the number of documents you can 
store in the Java heap.  1000 is usually safe with a 100Mb heap and 
typical document lengths.

When batch-building, use mergeFactor=50, and optimize index at the end.

With rapidly changing index, use mergeFactor=2 to minimize the number of 
segments.  Do not optimize.  Queue index updates and process queue in a 
separate thread.  Queue processing should look something like:
     - open IndexReader;
     - process all queued document deletions;
     - close IndexReader;
     - open IndexWriter;
     - set mergeFactor=2;
     - process all queued document additions;
     - close IndexWriter;
     - publish new IndexSearcher
     - sleep one minute

Such a system will be able to handle thousands of changes per minute, 
publishing a new index nearly every minute in most cases.  Ocassionally 
it will take longer, as large segments are merged.


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