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From Simon Courtenage <>
Subject Re: How To Implement Google Adwords-Like Text Ad?
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 08:20:05 GMT
With Google TextAds, I've noticed on my blog that the text ads take a 
little while to get updated to correspond to the new content, which 
seems to imply that they take note of the new blog content and decide 
which text ads to serve up.  The question is, if this is true, how can 
it done quickly and efficiently for new pages and updated pages.

The best answer is a Bayesian classifier, which is trained to recognise 
that pages containing a certain pattern of word occurrences fits into a 
particular classification.  If you then associate text ads with a 
classification, e.g., "restaurants", and the Bayesian classifier 
recognises that a web page fits into the "restaurant" classification 
because of a pattern of word occurrences, then you serve up text ads for 
that classification to that page.

Bayesian classifers need training, so for each classification, you give 
it a set of pages that you think typically describe pages of that class 
- it then automatically creates the pattern descriptors it will use 
against other pages.

Hope this helps,


Sam Lee wrote:

>I am implementing a Google Adwords-like Text Ad thing.
>In Adwords, advertisers enter keywords and phases in
>their ads. When visitor visits a webpage with
>potential Google text ads, I want to know how they
>link the webpage to the actual text ads? Linking those
>text ads to the webpage is easy, they can just use the
>keywords and phases advertisers enters, and then match
>them against their index of webpages. But what about
>the other way around, webpage to the text ads? I can
>associate the webpage address with the text ads easily
>by storing them in database, but it will be a problem
>when new webpages join the ad network. You can't run
>all the keywords and phases of the ads against the new
>webpage everytime a new webpage is added, too much
>How will you do it?
>Many thanks.
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Dr. Simon Courtenage
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