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From Roxana Angheluta <>
Subject Re: java on 64 bits
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 14:52:34 GMT
Thanks everyone for the answers!
I'm experimenting with your suggestions, I will let you know if 
something interesting pops up.

>1) make sure the failure was due to an OutOfMemory exception and not
>something else.
>2) if you have enough memory, increase the max JVM heap size (-Xmx)
>3) if you don't need more than 1.5G or so of heap, use the 32 bit JVM
>instead (depending on architecture, it can acutally be a little faster
>because more references fit in the CPU cache).
>4) see how many indexed fields you have and if you can consolidate any of
>4.5) if you don't have too many indexed fields, and have enough spare file
>descriptors, try using the non-compound file format instead.
>5) run with the latest version of lucene (1.9 dev version) which may have
>better memory usage during optimizes & segment merges.
>6) If/when optional norms
>makes it into lucene, you can apply it to any indexed fields for which you
>don't need index-time boosting or length normalization.
>As for getting rid of your current intermediate files, I'd rebuild from
>scratch just to ensure things are OK.
>Now hiring --
>On 10/21/05, Roxana Angheluta <> wrote:
>>Thank you, Yonik, it seems this is the case.
>>What can we do in this case? Would running the program with java -d32 be
>>a solution?
>>Thanks again,
>>>One possibility: if lucene runs out of memory while adding or optimizing,
>>>can leave unused files beind that increase the size of the index. A 64
>>>JVM will require more memory than a 32 bit one due to the size of all
>>>references being doubled.
>>>If you are using the compound file format (the default - check for .cfs
>>>files), then it's easy to check if you have this problem by seeing if
>>>are any *.f* files in the index directory. These are intermediate files
>>>shouldn't exist for long in a compound-file index.
>>>Now hiring --

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