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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: lucene and databases
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 23:43:54 GMT
Thanks, Chris. I have a couple follow-on questions:

1) Thanks for the pointer to It seems that DBSight has 
built some integration support for MySQL. Do you know if there are any 
plans to build integration support for Derby, the Apache open source 
database (

2) I'm afraid I don't understand the reference to Compass. Can you point 
me at an URL?

3) Thanks for clarifying what JDBCDirectory does. Is this a dead 
technology? All of my attempts to access the JDBCDirectory url timeout.


Chris Lu wrote:

>Also, you can try Compass. I remember it stores the index when you use
>Chris Lu
>Lucene Full-Text Search on Any Database
>On 10/24/05, Chris Lu <> wrote:
>>JDBCDirectory doesn't help you to index content in rdms.
>>It just stores the lucene index into rdms. This approach will be
>>slower than file system based approach.
>>For your first question, "Indexing content that is stored in a dbms",
>>you can take a look at DBSight. It's a generic tool to easily extract
>>content from database and build an index, which seems simple, but
>>behind the scene, it does more than that, including, multi-threaded
>>extraction and search, multi index support, template-based search
>>result, scheduled index updating, web-based control and configuration,
>>remote index replication, etc.
>>Chris Lu
>>Lucene Full-Text Search on Any Database
>>On 10/24/05, Rick Hillegas <> wrote:
>>>Thanks to Yonik for replying to my last question about queries and filters.
>>>Now I have another issue. I would appreciate any pointers to attempts to
>>>integrate Lucene with databases. There's a tantalizing reference to a
>>>class called JDBCDirectory mentioned at
>>> However, my browser
>>>times out trying to access the follow-up link
>>> An email thread
>>>makes me hope that this class helps an application index a body of
>>>documents stored in a relational database. But this class, perhaps a
>>>cousin of FSDirectory and RAMDirectory, doesn't seem to be part of
>>>Lucene proper.
>>>In any event, I would appreciate pointers to people's experience
>>>integrating Lucene with relational databases. I realize this is a very
>>>broad question. It sweeps up topics like the following:
>>>o Indexing content that is stored in a dbms
>>>o Wrapping filters around the results of sql queries
>>>o Integrating Lucene query syntax with sql query syntax
>>>o Practical tips about when to expose information as a Lucene field vs.
>>>when to expose that  information as a column in a relational table
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