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From Rob Young <>
Subject Re: Funny results with Fuzzy
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 14:00:48 GMT
mark harwood wrote:

>It comes down to your choice of analyzer.
>Don't forget your "all" field is broken down into
>discreet terms by your choice of analyzer.
>Most often, you will want to use the same analyzer at
>query-time with the query parser to make sure the
>user's input matches the stored document terms.
>If you get it wrong (say using an analyzer that
>doesn't lower-case) you'll find nothing:
>  Kylie != kylie
>If you aren't using a query parser and manually
>constructing FuzzyQuery objects programmatically the
>same logic applies (psueodocode): 
>  new FuzzyQuery(new Term("Kylie")) != "kylie"
Thanks for the help. I'm using the StandardAnalyzer to do the indexing 
(which lower cases everything) and I'm lowercasing my search string 
before I build the Term. So shouldn't be an issue, are there other 
factors in this vein that may cause problems considering that this is an 
alphabetic string which shouldn't be in any stop word lists.

Indexed as "kylie minogue: kyliefever2002 (live in manchester)"
Searched with "klyie"
Using new FuzzyQuery( new Term("klyie", 0.5f, 1) );

No matches!  I don't get it :(

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