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From Olivier Jaquemet <>
Subject Bad explanations
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:25:37 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am encoutering a really weird problem, I'm doing a query which gives 
me perfectly good results, with scores which are looking pretty right 
too. I wanted to display an explanation of some of my results just to 
check for something, and ALL hits output this explanation
0.0 = product of:
  0.0 = sum of:
  0.0 = coord(0/3)

It's been two hours I have been digging through my code for a possible 
reason to this.
I even tried to simplify my code:
- I was using a MultiFieldQueryParser, I removed it in favor a simpler 
QueryParser, no change. still good results but same bad explanation
- I was using a MultiIndexSearcher wrapper to reuse the searcher as long 
as no indexing occured, I remove it and created a new one which only 
search one index, no change. still good results but same bad explanation
I tried the same query a MultiFieldQueryParser creates, with luke and 
explanation (of simple query) are good!

Here is how i call the explain method:
      for (int i = 0; i < hits.length(); i++) {
        Document    doc = hits.doc(i);
        logger.debug(searcher.explain(query, i));

I could not find anything and I have no idea where to look.
So if you can see my mistake or know how this problem can occurs please 
help !


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