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From "Dalton, Jeffery" <>
Subject RE: Can Lucene be Used To Substitute Real Database?
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 21:09:04 GMT
It depends on the application.  Depending on the access pattern of you
system you might be able to use Lucene.   It's been done ;-).  

If you have a very few tables with very simple relationships, it might
be an answer -- perhaps not the best one though.   If you want to use
advanced RDBMS features like enforcing complex constraints (some
constraints are possible, I've done it), it might get messy.  

So, I will say yes, it probably can be done.  The question is SHOULD IT
BE for your application.  Very few applications have needs like search.
For example, have fun building an inverted web index in an RDBMS.  An
inverted index is good at keeping simple relationships simple and fast.
A search engine is just a big database with multiple tables, albeit very
simple ones.  For example:

A typical SE:
Host --> urls
Word --> Urls
Url --> Links

There might be some simple constraints between those tables (for example
links can't exist if the url doesn't exist.. Etc.. Etc..).  This has
been done.  It has been implemented using Lucene.  However, I will agree
with Daniel that in most cases lucene doesn't make a good replacement
for an RDBMS ;-)

- Jeff

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From: Daniel Naber [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 4:42 PM
Subject: Re: Can Lucene be Used To Substitute Real Database?

On Dienstag 25 Oktober 2005 22:37, Sam Lee wrote:

> Can Lucene to be used in place of mysql so that website visitors can 
> input data that will in turn inserting row into Lucene just like mysql

> db?

That's a bad idea. Lucene lacks a real update (you need to delete and
re-add) and also sees everything as a string, even numbers. So although
it's technically possible you don't want to do it.



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