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From Hai Do Thanh <>
Subject Ask about method QueryParser.parser
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 04:00:29 GMT
Dear all,

I really appreciate your work on Lucene. It is
apparently a helpful API for my project on indexed
Document searching. On the whole, It works properly
and perfectly.

However, there is a problem when I try to query what I
have indexed with the keyword received through
internet using Servlet technology. The specific
problem is the followings:

// This is the method I use to parse my query
Query myQuery = QueryParser.parse(s, "NamedEntity",

with s is the query string received from client,
analyzer is the WhitespaceAnalyzer and the version of
Lucene is lucene-1.4-final.jar

Before this method, the value of s is "Chua_Huong"
with C and H are uppercased letters
After this method myQuery = NamedEntity:chua_huong
with  c and h are lowercased

Yet, if I type the String "Chua_Huong" directly onto
the first argument (the position of s), 

Query myQuery =

After the method, myQuery = NamedEntity:Chua_Huong
with C and H are still uppercased letters.

What happened with this?
Please if you can, reply to my problem as soon as
I would be most grateful for your helpfulness!
Thanks in advance

Sincerely yours
Thanh Hai           

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