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From "Vanlerberghe, Luc" <>
Subject RE: Memory Usage
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 09:56:19 GMT
Since an IndexReader can't know what indexInterval was used and that
each segment could have a different indexInterval, wouldn't it be better
too have a parameter that sets an average indexInterval that should be
The fraction you talk about could then be calculated by the IndexReader
per segment.

Or the other way around: the maximum number of index entries that should
be stored.  The IndexReader can check if all indexes will fit, and if
not, calculate how many should be skipped per segment to get a good


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From: Doug Cutting [] 
Sent: maandag 14 november 2005 18:19
Subject: Re: Memory Usage

Marvin Humphrey wrote:
> You *can't* set it on the reader end.  If you could set it, the
> would get out of sync and break.  The value is set per-segment  at
> time, and the reader has to be able to adapt on the fly.

It would actually not be too hard to change things so that there was 
such a parameter that could be set on an IndexReader.  It would 
determine the fraction of entries in the .tii file that are kept in RAM.

  So if the parameter were, e.g., 10, then only every tenth entry in the

.tii file would be kept in RAM, equivalent to 10x the indexInterval


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