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From Daniel Noll <>
Subject Re: Memory Usage
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 04:21:49 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:

> Marvin Humphrey wrote:
>> You *can't* set it on the reader end.  If you could set it, the  
>> reader would get out of sync and break.  The value is set 
>> per-segment  at write time, and the reader has to be able to adapt on 
>> the fly.
> It would actually not be too hard to change things so that there was 
> such a parameter that could be set on an IndexReader.  It would 
> determine the fraction of entries in the .tii file that are kept in 
> RAM.  So if the parameter were, e.g., 10, then only every tenth entry 
> in the .tii file would be kept in RAM, equivalent to 10x the 
> indexInterval used.

This turned out to be an incredibly elegant way to do the testing, 
thanks. :-D

It involved:
  - Adding a new "skipPeriod" field to TermInfosReader (set to 1 to get
    the default behaviour.)
  - Modifying readIndex() to store one in every skipPeriod terms
    (total size = (indexSize - 1) / skipPeriod + 1);
  - Changing maths throughout by replacing
        (enumerator.indexInterval * skipPeriod)

After all this, everything worked as it previously did, and tweaking the
skipInterval didn't break anything.  Since then, I've been doing some
timing runs.

Index statistics:
  - Size on disk: ~ 4.4GB (compound index)
  - Term count: ~ 33,000,000
  - Doc count: ~ 970,000

Timings were obtained by performing the same search 1,000 times and
averaging the total time.  This was then performed five times in a row
to get the range that's displayed below.  Memory usage was obtained
using a 20-second sleep after loading the index, and then using the
Windows task manager to see the memory usage 10 seconds into the sleep
(the garbage collector tends to free up some memory during the first
few seconds of the sleep.)

Timings for a simple TermQuery on the term "one" (docFreq = 22):

    skip    time range for query (ms)    approx mem usage of JVM (MB)
      1      28 ~  30                     49.2
      2      28 ~  30                    
      4      28 ~  30                    
      8      29 ~  31                    
     16      29 ~  32                     15.9 (!!)
     32      29 ~  33                    
     64      38 ~  42                    
    128      59 ~  61                    
    256      99 ~ 102                     14.1

Timings for a simple TermQuery on the term "test" (docFreq = 31,356):

    skip    time range for query (ms)
      1       6.8 ~  7.6
     16       9.7 ~ 10.2
    256      69   ~ 72


So, more frequent terms get a larger penalty due to this modification,
but the time was relatively fast to start with.  Rarer terms get less of
a penalty, perhaps because they already take so much longer to find.
I also tested several kinds of boolean query as well and had approx.
10-15% slower performance when using a skip of 16, compared to using
a skip of 1.

My final conclusion is that memory usage can be significantly reduced by
tweaking this value, without penalising performance too much unless you
go too far.  The sweet spot is an indexInterval somewhere between 2048
and 4096 for indexes of this size.  The optimisation can be done entirely
in the reader, but the index would load faster if we set it for writing
as well, so we may just end up taking a hybrid approach.


Daniel Noll

NUIX Pty Ltd
Level 8, 143 York Street, Sydney 2000
Phone: (02) 9283 9010
Fax:   (02) 9283 9020

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