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From Daniel Noll <>
Subject Re: Memory Usage
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 23:09:09 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:

> Daniel Noll wrote:
>> Timings were obtained by performing the same search 1,000 times and
>> averaging the total time.  This was then performed five times in a row
>> to get the range that's displayed below.  Memory usage was obtained
>> using a 20-second sleep after loading the index, and then using the
>> Windows task manager to see the memory usage 10 seconds into the sleep
>> (the garbage collector tends to free up some memory during the first
>> few seconds of the sleep.)
>> Timings for a simple TermQuery on the term "one" (docFreq = 22):
> I would be cautious about concluding too much from a single term, 
> since you may get lucky and pick a term that is close to the index 
> point. Rather you should average timings over a number of terms, 
> randomly ordered.  If you wish to remove i/o times, then don't time 
> the first iteration.  Does that make sense?

I actually did throw a lot of terms in, and eventually chose "one" for 
the tests because it was the slowest query to complete of them all 
(hence I figured it was already spending some fairly long time in I/O, 
and would be penalised the most.)  Every other query was around 7ms 
before tweaking, and the tweak increased them all to somewhere around 
10ms but that's still a lot faster than "one" was even at its fastest.


Daniel Noll

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