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From Chris Lamprecht <>
Subject Re: Optimize vs non optimized index
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 21:17:31 GMT
Are you using the compound index format (do you have .cfs files)?  I
think using the non-compound format might take less space (2.5G less
in your case) when optimizing, since it doesn't have to do that last
step of copying all the index files into the .cfs file.

Also Lucene 1.9 (available from subversion) seems to take less disk
space during optimizing with the compound format.

As for your original question, what is your mergeFactor set to?  Try
setting it lower (down to 2 if you want to minimize the number of
segments).  This will cause more frequent merges during indexing, but
keep the number of segments down.


On 11/16/05, Aigner, Thomas <> wrote:
> Howdy all, have a quick question for you...
> I am seeing quite a difference between optimized index and one that is
> not optimized.  I have read a few papers that say that it shouldn't
> matter, but I am seeing 7X speed or better when the index is optimized.
> Is it possible that I am creating the original index incorrectly?
> The reason why I am asking it due to the space it takes to optimize an
> index.  I have an index that takes up about 2.5G, but when I optimize
> it, it will take an additional 5G of space to do this (so 7.5G to
> optimize it).  I was wondering if perhaps if this is the norm or not.
> Thanks ahead of time,
> Tom
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