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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: A lot of short documents, optimal query?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 19:08:32 GMT

: (
: +(
: (+raimonds +marschan)
: (+raimonds +marschol)
: (+raimonds +marschel)
: (+raimonds +marschalfr)
: (+raimonds +marschalek)
: (+raimonds +marscha)
: ...
: )
: +(ZIPS:22* ZIPS:21* ZIPS:20* ZIPS:23* ZIPS:245*
: ZIPS:246* ZIPS:247* ZIPS:240* ZIPS:241* ZIPS:242*
: ZIPS:243* ZIPS:254* ZIPS:253* ZIPS:255* ZIPS:256*
: ZIPS:257* ZIPS:295* ZIPS:296* ZIPS:273* ZIPS:274*
: ZIPS:275* ZIPS:276* ZIPS:192* ZIPS:190*)
: )

independent of how short/long your documents are, using RangeFilters on
your ZIPS field is going to be more efficient then PrevixQueries ... I'd
bet money it will even be more efficient then making a two character
prefix_ZIPS field and doing a TermQuery on it -- and there's no reason not
to use a Filter if you dont' care about the score.

take a look at RangeFilter in SVN, even if you are using 1.4.3 it should
be combatible.  Also take a look at ChainedFilter as a way to compose lots
of individual RangeFilters...

You can probably get additional speed ups by using Filters on whatever
your default name search field is, google for "lucene Hoss SetFilter" to
see a previous discussion where i suggested something similar.


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