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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Sorting: string vs int
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 00:12:19 GMT

: I guess it would be nice to have some way of telling the searcher (and
: the fieldcache) whether the actual string values are needed or not...
: it could save a lot of memory when there are a lot of unique terms.

you're talking about something like LUCENE-457 right? ... but make it
optional so clients who aren't using MultiSearcher can ignore the physical
strings, and clients who are still have them.

three thoughts have occured to me on this...

1) there might be a way to write a FieldCache.IntParser thta could work
... but i can't think of any good way to do it that wouldn't be a total
kludge (given the limited visibility IntParser has to hte rest of hte

2) users could write a new sub class of FiledCacheImpl which consisted

class FieldCacheNoMultiSearcher extends FieldCacheImpl {
  public StringIndex getStringIndex (IndexReader reader, String field)
  throws IOException {
    Object ret = lookup (reader, field, STRING_INDEX);
    if (ret == null) {
      StringIndex all = super.getStringIndex(reader,field);
      StringIndex part = new StringIndex(all.order, null);
      store(reader, field, STRING_INDEX, part);
      return part;
    return (StringIndex) ret;

...but that's also kludgy ... applications might use a class like this to
improve the memory footprint, but then they might add functionality latter
that acctually needs the strings (something in the contrib section for
example, or function query that look at the length of the word, etc...)
and they'll get a really ugly null pointer exception.


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